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Une nouvelle hyper-longue, volant à vous!

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Season's greetings, ladies and gents!  :wave: I come bearing some updates for this account.  (Brace yourselves for the first one; it's a bit long):

:bulletpurple: On the cosplay front:  I have finished uploading all of the chosen photos from my four Helena (Tall Oaks) photo shoots.  Paige and I originally planned an additional two shoots, but unfortunately the weather turned cold and my hair grew too long to style it like Helena's before we were able to schedule those shoots.  Now we'll have to wait until spring to do anymore outside shoots.  Plus, I need to figure out what to do about my hair.  

The whole time that I was actively posting photos of that cosplay, I received a lot of really nice compliments, many of which commented on how closely my hair resembled Helena's.  But here's the thing about having that haircut: the lengths and layers are so extreme that you have to style your hair every single day, or else it looks horrible.  Plus, you can style it in only one way: like Helena's.  You can't even pull your hair back in a ponytail without using a bunch of hair spray because over half of the hair is too short to stay back, even in a high-rise ponytail.  It's just a plain annoying haircut to have.  x\  And, after maintaining it for over a year, I'm tired of it.  I want long hair again.  

But that doesn't mean that I plan on retiring Helena.  On the contrary: I want to do those two shoots that we didn't get around to doing, and I was invited to do a Resident Evil 6 partner shoot as her.  Plus, I've really enjoyed my experience cosplaying her.  But like I said, I need to get something figured out about her hair.  I thought about commissioning a wig stylist so that I can cosplay Helena whenever I want without having to worry about whatever style my hair is in.  I've never commissioned a cosplay accessory before, though.  Does anyone know of a good, reputable wig stylist?  Perhaps one on FaceBook or here on dA?

Helena aside, I'm working on a new cosplay that I hope to premiere at Otakon 2015.  For now, I'm keeping the character's identity under lock and key.  The reason for this is I post about my cosplay on every internet account that I maintain, including ones on which I'm friends with members of my family and kids with whom I went to school.  This particular character I tried to pull off a couple of times during middle school (back before I even knew what cosplay was)--once for the school Halloween dances that I attended in 7th grade, and once for an English project about commercial and propaganda scripting--with disastrous, erm, "interesting" results.  So when I finally complete the cosplay (which is going well, by the way) and post photos of it, I want it to be a complete surprise for everyone following me on those accounts.  :)  Normally, I'd drop hints about the character's identity, but she's so well known that I fear any hints that I drop would give it away.  So I'll just say that I'm really, really, really excited to cosplay her and can't wait to post photos, which I suspect will be in the springtime.  :la:

I've been thinking about what I'll do cosplay-wise in the meantime as well as consulting with Paige about possible shoots that we could do,'s too early to say for sure, but I think Hunnigan might be making a comeback.  :lol:

:bulletpurple: On the photography front: Two weeks ago, I returned from my beloved Paris with about 1,000 photos thereof (not to mention a nasty head cold) in tow.  Sadly, it was overcast pretty much the whole time that I was over there, so most of the photos don't look that great.  :\  But I'll be sure to post at least a few of the ones that turned out decently.  :)

:bulletpurple: On the writing front: Ulgh, Tumblr's site runners are being st00pid-heads and rewriting the site's Terms of Services so that the runners can claim the rights to pretty much any un-copyrighted original material uploaded to the site.  It's way lame.  :P  So sometime within the next few weeks, I'll be deleting my original writing (poems and short fiction) off of there and moving it over here.  Be dears and leave lots of comments slathering over my literary genius.  ;)

:bulletpurple: On the art/graphics front: The other day, I found myself glancing through some of the old fan art, stamps, and icons that I had uploaded to my former dA account.  And...I don't know.  I liked them.  I liked looking at them again after so long.  I'd like to reupload them to this account at some point.  Whether they'll be sorted into the folders or the scrapbook I don't know, but I do know that I want them back up.  So watchers beware: your inboxes will be smacked with a bunch of old deviations sometime in the near future.  :XD:

Aaaaand that's it.  Yeah.  Until we meet again, true believers.  xo

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Une traduction francaise sera affichee bientot!
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